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About the book

Have you been doing the right things to lose body fat, but your weight is the same? The key is your approach.  Your eagerness may assign a specific time frame to achieve fat loss. But it may not happen as you wish. Your effort backfires, and you are where you started. ​You see, not everyone burns fat at the same rate. And, there is much more to fat loss than just diet and exercise.

This book teaches you how to approach the shedding of unwanted accumulated pounds wisely and keeps it off.

​Even if you are not looking to lose fat, the principles shared about mindset, motivation, ways to cleanse the body, and designing a simple exercise program can be of great advantage. Also, the book can help you assess dietary boundaries that would certainly benefit your wellbeing.


"The book gives a simple but effective way of achieving and maintaining healthy body weight. It combines diet and food combining with physical activity for desired results. The book goes into detail explaining various diets and methods of exercising to keep your interest. It also explains how patience and consistency are key to achieve and maintain healthy weight loss."

Athy, Leatham

"Get Loss is a well-written book. I have dietary restrictions, and I found the book and the recipes to be very informative and helpful.

I look forward to reading the next book."


Robert, John

About The Author


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Avaneil John is a certified strength-and-conditioning personal trainer with over 11years of experience. She is a Hons. Physiotherapist Assistant. Avaneil has studied holistic nutrition, being a weight-loss specialist in the field, and is also a weight-management consultant.

Avaneil is the owner and operator of Xquisite Fitness in Toronto. She has successfully used many of the principles provided to facilitate fat loss in her clients.

The book came about because she wants to guide and inspire readers who are not under the guidance of a coach to help themselves for attaining and maintaining fat loss. The fat-loss process would help them to practice a lifestyle that is healthier from her experiences and insights as a personal trainer.