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Physical Fitness Training with a Professional with over 12 years of experience in 

Workout without burning out!
Each exercise and nutrition session is one hour.


Personal Training  

  • One-On-One

    Single Session - One Time Only
    • Each session is 1 hour
  • 12 Sessions

    Per session
    Valid for 3 months
    • Partner Training

      Per Session For Two People
      Valid for 3 months

      Corporate and large group personal training sessions,

      please contact Xquisite Fitness for a quote.

      • Nutrition Coaching

        One-Time Session - No Meal Plan
        Valid for one month
      • Nutrition Coaching

        Assessment, Meal Plan, Weight loss, Progress Monitoring
        Valid for 3 months
      • Nutrition Coaching

        Assessment, Detox, Meal Plan, Weight loss, Maintenance,
        Valid for 6 months

      This program is for those who only require healthy food adjustments to their dietary habits. There is no personalized mean plan.

      This session includes:

      • Initial phone consultation.

      • Discuss nutrition goal.

      • Review daily eating habits.

      • Offer food recommendations.

      • Explain food adjustments.

      • Suggestions for food substitutions.

      • Recommend healthy snacking tips.

      For those who want to lose weight moderately, have minor digestive issues, and want to live a healthier dietary lifestyle.

      This session includes:

      •  Initial consultation

      • Briefing of nutrition goals

      • Review of dietary habits

      • Consider dietary restrictions and sensitivities.

      • Determine body-fat percentage.

      • Goal setting for nutrition & lifestyle needs.

      • Custom meal plan to complement cultural cuisine.

      • Shopping list

      • Meal plan preparation

      • Adjustments to meal plan, if necessary, to avoid nutrition plateau.

      • Two one-hour follow-up sessions.

      • Email and phone support.

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      Blueberry Smoothie

      For those who want to lose a significant amount of weight, and sustain weight maintenance, and an ongoing healthier lifestyle.

      This session includes:

      • Initial consultation.

      • Briefing of nutrition goals.

      • Review of dietary habits.

      • Goal setting for long-term nutrition goals and weight loss  

      • Discuss dietary restrictions and sensitivities.

      • Assist with digestive problems.

      • Goal setting for nutrition and lifestyle needs.

      • Customized meal plan to complement cultural cuisine or food preference.

      • Assistance with shopping lists.

      • How to read food labels.

      • Meal plan adjustments, if necessary, to avoid nutrition plateau.

      • How to store food 

      • Meal preparation.

      • Three one-hour follow-up sessions. .

      • Identify food portion and serving size.

      • Recommendations for healthy snacking tips

      • Healthy food substitutions.

      • Natural cleansing.

      • Ongoing support to nutrition term.

      PAYMENT OPTIONS: Credit Card, E-Transfer, Cash PayPal, or Certified Cheque.

      GIFT CERTIFICATE: Gift certificates are available for all packages. To purchase a gift certificate, enter details here.

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