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Avaneil John is a certified strength-and-conditioning personal trainer with over 11years of experience. She is a Hons. Physiotherapist Assistant. Avaneil has studied holistic nutrition, being a weight-loss specialist in the field, and is also a weight-management consultant.

Avaneil is the owner and operator of Xquisite Fitness in Toronto. She has successfully used many of the principles provided to facilitate fat loss in her clients.

The book came about because she wants to guide and inspire readers who are not under the guidance of a coach to help themselves for attaining and maintaining fat loss. The fat-loss process would help them to practice a lifestyle that is healthier from her experiences and insights as a personal trainer.



“You cannot buy good health to live a healthier lifestyle.

But you can create a healthier lifestyle to live in good health. ”

Avaneil John

Are you tired of repeating the process of weight loss because you have regained the weight? Get Loss is an essential guide for anyone who wants to improve their personal appearances through a sustainable, practical approach to body-fat loss. Many people are constantly seeking ways to shed the extra pounds off their bodies. Some of them may have been successful, but the others did not read this guide. The book content does not guilt-trip your self-esteem of the various needs and reasons to lose body fat; it explains how you could lose body fat wisely by providing options to detox the body, fitness training, workout plans, and nutritional guidelines to help you achieve results. You will enjoy personal growth through the mental and emotional mindset to encourage unstoppable motivation; gain guidance to engage in healthy lifestyle choices without using easy weight-loss diet plans; and the process required to maintain the body-fat loss. The book is not only concise but is written in an easy-to-follow, clear writing style for understanding, preparing, and engaging the reader in a healthy and realistic fat-loss. Today is a great day to embark on your journey. 

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