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The focus of this program is to help you build muscle and strength:

  • Build lean muscle & strength

  • Tone & definition

  • Strengthen bone & joints

  • Build core strength  

  • Functional and traditional training​



This program focused on energy development:

  • Cardiovascular energy

  • Speed & agility

  • Endurance

  • Balance & coordination

  • Body-weight functional exercises

  • Light or no weights are requires



The program provide ways to help you to reach your nutrition goals safely. ​

  • Lose or gain weight

  • Improve healthy eating habits

  • Nutrition sensitivities

  • Healthy body cleansing

  • Shopping for nutritious foods

Strength and Conditioning is a power-house workout combination. It will provide greater improvement in increasing muscle mass and tone, burning calories more efficiently, improving energy and stamina, decreasing body fat, and in improving your metabolism.

To sustain energy for both components, they rely on incorporating proper nutrition for fuel. In pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, all components of your fitness and nutrition program provide substantial benefits for well-being and resilience in later years.



As a personal trainer, I can help you set the stage for a healthier lifestyle.


Why hire Xquisite Fitness


  • Lose stubborn body fat or gain muscles.

  • Encourage and inspire you to attain maximum results.

  • Improve your exercise execution with proper form and technique.

  • Assist you with setting realistic goals to stay motivated and committed.

  • Challenge you to make a difference without compromising safety.

  • Improve your health and nurturing support or the duration of your program.


What to expect


  1. Consultation It’s a great opportunity for us to get to know each other. You can discuss what you want to accomplish, and the best way to achieve realistic goals within your schedule.

  2. Physical Assessment:  This is the basis for designing the appropriate training program. It includes basic physical measurements, flexibility, cardio fitness, strength, and posture.

  3. Training Sessions:   You will engage in your active program with a sense of purpose. The program may be modified during your workout to accommodate for any discomfort. You will have fun!


Get a free initial consultation to discuss your 

fitness and nutrition assessment and recommended training program


Whether your fitness objective is to lose weight, lose fat, boost energy levels, gain strength, fitness train or feel good about yourself, Xquisite Fitness help you get there with a personalized exercise training program.

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